Getting started with your formula

Getting started with your formula

Due to their special formulation, hypoallergenic formulas for managing food allergies smell and taste different to breast milk, regular infant formulas and cow’s milk. You may notice this difference when you open a tin and make up the feed for the first time. Remember, your senses of taste and smell are different to your baby's — adults have well-established and learned food preferences, which babies do not yet have. It may take time for your baby to get used to their new special diet, but it is important to stick with it and symptoms should settle within 4 weeks. Watch our video on What to expect with Nutramigen with LGG®.

Dealing with initial refusal of a hypoallergenic formula

If your baby is new to using a specialist formula for the management of cow's milk allergy, it might take some time for them to become comfortable and familiar with it. Rather than being directly related to the taste of the formula itself, refusal could also be due to your baby having learned to associate feeding with the discomfort of allergy symptoms. Your baby may also have a reduced appetite if they have been feeling unwell from their allergy symptoms.

When introducing Nutramigen for the first time some persistence may be required — sometimes a new food needs to be offered up to 10 times. As the new diet allows the symptoms to start to resolve, your baby should become more settled and their appetite may improve.

Tips for introducing Nutramigen to your baby's diet

Ideally, your baby should be switched onto Nutramigen as soon as possible after diagnosis, following your doctor’s advice. This is to eliminate the cow’s milk proteins causing the allergic reactions from your baby’s diet as soon as possible. Here are some suggestions to help with introducing the formula for the first time and as your little one grows up:

  • When trying the formula for the first time, try to make sure your baby is hungry and thirsty
  • Try to be positive during feeding times as babies can pick up on your reactions, such as from facial expressions and the sound of your voice
  • Older children may prefer to take the formula from a covered cup or as a cold drink
  • When you are ready to start weaning your baby, you can incorporate Nutramigen into foods

Stool changes

When first starting on a hypoallergenic formula, it may take a little while for your baby's symptoms, including stools (colour, consistency, frequency etc.) to settle. After starting Nutramigen, you may notice that your baby produces frequent, loose stools of a greenish colour. This is usually normal for babies fed with hypoallergenic formulas for cow's milk allergy, but speak to your doctor if you are worried.


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