Using Nutramigen during weaning

Infants may drink less formula and/or breast milk as they are weaned onto solid foods. This could mean that children with cow’s milk allergy, who can’t have dairy products, may not get all the nutrients they need. With this in mind, infants with cow's milk allergy could still include breast milk or Nutramigen formula in their diet for as long your doctor or dietitian recommends. This will help ensure they get all the nutrients they need.

Nutramigen’s role in your growing infant’s diet 

Nutramigen 1 with LGG® is nutritionally complete so can be used as the only source of nutrition to meet the daily needs of infants with cow’s milk allergy up to 6 months of age. After consultation with a doctor, you may be advised to change to Nutramigen 2 with LGG®, which is suitable for infants from 6 months of age when used as part of a varied diet, and then onto Nutramigen 3 with LGG®, which is suitable from 1 year onwards as part of a varied diet. 

Nutramigen PURAMINO is nutritionally complete and suitable as the only source of nutrition for infants up to 6 months of age. Unless your doctor recommends otherwise, infants who are doing well on Nutramigen PURAMINO don't need to change formulas as they grow, because this amino acid-based formula can be used as part of a varied diet from 6 months onwards. 

Using Nutramigen in weaning recipes

As your infant starts to eat solid foods, you will find that the amount of formula they want may start to decrease. During weaning, Nutramigen with LGG® can provide most of an infant’s daily nutritional requirements when used as part of a varied diet and in line with your doctor’s recommendations.

Try to add Nutramigen to recipes as late as possible and avoid prolonged boiling to help preserve the nutrients. Nutramigen powder can be added at the end of cooking too. Nutramigen with LGG® can still be used in hot recipes because infants will still benefit from the nutritional content of the Nutramigen formula. However, you'll need to continue with normal bottle feeds of Nutramigen with LGG® or use Nutramigen with LGG® in cooler recipes to help preserve the effect of LGG®.

For lots of recipes using Nutramigen in place of milk, as well as detailed advice on weaning, download our A parent’s guide to cow’s milk allergy: From diagnosis to weaning and beyond.