My baby's growth

My baby's growth

Growth in an infant with cow’s milk allergy

It is always important to monitor the growth of your baby or child, but especially so if they have cow’s milk allergy. This is because removing cow’s milk from their diet could mean they are missing out on important nutrients. Your doctor can refer you to a dietitian who will be able to advise you to help ensure your baby or child is getting all the nutrients they need. They will also be able to support you through weaning to help make sure the foods you introduce your infant to are free from cow’s milk protein.

Weight changes in the early days

Every baby is different, but there are some general patterns in weight change that you should be aware of to help monitor your baby’s growth:

  • First few days after birth: may lose some weight
  • 2 weeks after birth: should have regained birthweight
  • From birth to 6-9 months old: usually gain weight rapidly
  • Toddler: weight gain may slow down

Your baby will be weighed regularly by your midwife or health visitor. They will discuss feeding with you and provide advice and support if things are not quite on track.

Height and weight after 2 years of age

The height of your child after 2 years of age may give an indication of how tall they will be when they grow up. It can also be used along with your child’s weight to calculate their body mass index, or BMI. Your health visitor can check the BMI measurements against a centile chart to see whether your child’s growth is within a healthy range. If it falls outside of the healthy range, your health visitor will be able to advise you.

If you ever have any concerns about your baby’s weight you should speak to your health visitor or doctor.


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