100 years of innovation

For over 100 years Mead Johnson Nutrition has been dedicated to helping provide infants and children with a good start in life with trusted products. Mead Johnson & Company was established in 1905 in New Jersey, USA, by Edward Mead Johnson. Since its beginnings more than 100 years ago, Mead Johnson Nutrition has grown from the ideas of one man into a global company with more than 70 products in over 50 countries.

Edward Mead had first-hand experience of how serious feeding difficulties could be. His own son Ted had survived serious feeding problems as a baby. In those days, when breast milk wasn't available, homemade and other experimental preparations were fed to infants. There wasn’t any ‘formula’ milk. After much research and successful clinical testing, Dextri-Maltose was introduced in 1911. Dextri-Maltose was a pioneer product in infant feeding and stayed on the market for over 60 years.

Over the years, Mead Johnson has produced an impressive array of formulas for infants and specialty nutritional innovations including Nutramigen and Enfamil, our leading products today. Nutramigen, the first infant formula for the nutritional management of cow's milk allergy, was launched in 1942. Enfamil, introduced in 1959, has undergone several significant formulations — each one designed to optimise nutrition.

A world leader

With over a century of innovation behind it, Mead Johnson Nutrition strives to be the world’s leading provider of science-based paediatric nutrition products. Nutramigen is the world’s leading brand for CMA with evidence from over 75 clinical studies and 75 years’ experience.

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