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Important Notice: Breast feeding provides the best nutrition for babies. Mead Johnson special formulas are intended for bottle-fed infants and are Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMPs) and must be used under medical supervision.

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The Mead Johnson Nutrition range of specialist formulas for infants is recommended by healthcare professionals and used by parents worldwide.

Mead Johnson Nutrition has a breadth of scientific evidence and clinical experience that support our brands.

Nutramigen is the world’s leading brand for cow’s milk allergy (CMA) with evidence from over 70 clinical studies and over 70 years’ experience.


  • Nutramigen 1 & 2 with LGG® (UK)

    Introducing Nutramigen with LGG®.
    A new combination of Nutramigen LIPIL with a probiotic. The addition of LGG® to Nutramigen LIPIL has been shown to accelerate the acquisition of oral tolerance in infants with CMA1‡

  • 7754_PURAMINO_Tin_194x156px.jpg

    Nutramigen PURAMINO

    Amino acid-based hypoallergenic formula for infants with severe CMA and multiple food allergies. Suitable from birth.

  • Nutramigen_LIPIL_TinsSmall.png

    Nutramigen LIPIL 1 & 2 (Republic of Ireland)

    Extensively hydrolysed hypoallergenic formulas for infants with CMA. Tailored to support changing nutritional needsNutramigen LIPIL 2 now has an improved taste to help older infants get established on the formula

  • products_pregestimil.png

    Pregestimil LIPIL

    Extensively hydrolysed hypoallergenic formula with MCT oil, for infants with CMA and fat malabsorption or maldigestion. Suitable from birth.

  • products_enfmail-ar.png

    Enfamil A.R.

    Prethickened formula for infants with frequent regurgitation, reflux, spitting up or posseting. Suitable from birth.

  • products_enfmail-o-lac.png

    Enfamil O-Lac

    Lactose-free, cow’s milk-based formula for infants with mild gastrointestinal discomfort (colic, bloating, wind, diarrhoea) due to lactose intolerance. Suitable from birth.

Market share calculation is based in part on data reported by The Nielsen Company through its Nielsen Global Track and Global Snapshot services for the annual period ending December 2014. Internal Calculations based on IMS Health data MIDAS, full year 2014

vs an eHF based on casein, rice hydrolysate, soy and amino acid formulas

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  1. Canani RB et al. J Pediatr 2013;163:771–777.